Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nearly Normal Nair's blog from Latvia

(In Boston Harbor a few days before the Latvia move)
SVEIKI (Hello) from LATVIA where ice cream has become one of our daily food groups.  And welcome to our blog.  I hope it provides alot of fun and laughter as well as some good information about the much wondered about country of Latvia. After much trial and tribulation we are up and running.  Since the blog has taken awhile I have alot of catching up to do but that will come.  We accepted jobs at The International School of Latvia in February.  The spring was FULL of completing our obligations in Ashton and preparing for the biggest moves of our lives.  After moving out of Ashton, ID at the end of May we had 7 weeks of fun filled travel to family and friends from Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Massachusettes.  Nothing like transition only to go into more intense transition to Eastern Europe-Latvia.  Even after all our preparation and attempts of preparation there was more preparation if we only new but that is neither here nor there.  We are here and it is an amazing country with a very hard language to learn.  We have been able to learn some of our way around pretty good.  We are able to shop at multiple stores to get  a few needed items in no less than 6 hours (there is no one stop shopping). We have successfully transitioned to school beginning.  The kids and us have completed our first week and all made it with great smiles on our faces.  Although there is a steep learning curve and major transition we are all doing quite well and very glad that we have made this move.

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